Dr. Maria K. Malayter holds several accredited degrees: a Bachelor of Science; a Master’s of Arts (MA) in Organizational Communication: Training and Development from Ball State University; and her Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Science with a specialization in Leadership and Organizational Change from Walden University. She earned a Specialized Certificate: Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration at Bryn Mawr College and a Certificate in EngAGEing Aging in the Curriculum at the Gerontology Center of Syracuse University.

Dr. Maria is the Director, for the Center for Positive Aging, National Louis University; Assistant Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences; and author of Boomers: Visions of the New Retirement.

During her dynamic and diverse 20+ year career, Dr. Maria has been a highly rated speaker, systems specialist, negotiator, higher education administrator, educator, and consultant for public and private organizations across the country. Her teaching repertoire includes: career management, interpersonal communication, leadership and organizational change in public policy, adult learning, and organizational behavior.

As a social change agent, Dr. Malayter serves at the Chair of the Illinois Lifelong Coalition for Older Learner Programs in Colleges and Universities, partner of the Illinois Financial Security Task Force, member Chicago Bar Association/Women’s Illinois Bar Association Joint Task Force for Women’s Issues as They Age,;and a 2009 AARP National Judge for the Best Employers for 50+ Workers. She is an Adjunct Professor for the MBA and MA of human resources at Webster University.

Additional published works include her dissertation: Preretirement Training and the Early Retiree, Will They Stay? Assessing the Impact of a Major Retention Strategy for Accelerated Programs, Commission Adult Accelerated Program (2003), Three Retirement Challenges the Experts Never Told You About, Today’s Engineer, (2008) and Mentoring at a Distance, Institute For Operations Research and Management Science, (2004).

To reach Dr. Maria Malayter for information on any of these topics, please e-mail: