Dr. Betsy Macht


Dr. Betsy Macht resides in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Dr. Betsy is a university professor
on the faculty of Walden University serving as an instructor, dissertation
mentor and chair, and committee member. She is an Academic Coordinator
for the Xavier Health Pathway to Patient Health providing quality and compliance
curriculum content and instruction to undergraduate students at the
University of Minnesota. Dr. Betsy is an accomplished industry leader with
cross-functional supply chain experience working to transform global GxP
manufacturing, optimize processes, and ensure compliance while transforming
the organization.

Certifications and awards include Walden Frank Dilley Outstanding Doctoral
Study Award; Certified Six Sigma Green Belt, ASQ Quality Auditor, Accenture
Sustainable Operations/Regulatory Affairs), Certified Quality Engineer,
Certified Capabilities Risk Reduction Leader.
She has authored papers titled Data Quality for AI in Healthcare, Data Bias in
Medical Device Development (presented the AI Bias Workshop at the Xavier AI
2021 Conference), Novel Coating Uniformity Models for Tablet Pan Coaters, Tablet
Pan Coating Performance During Scale Up and Between Batch and Continuous
Processes (at AICHE Annual Meeting 2020), Strategies to Influence a Quality and
Compliance Culture, and a contributor to The Refractive Thinker® 2022.

To reach Dr. Betsy Macht for information on AI/ML, STEM, change management,
digital technologies, professional editing, or guest speaking, please
e-mail her at: betsym5716@gmail.com or linkedin.com/in/dr-betsy-macht