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Refractive Thinker® Volume 22


As we move into the Fall of 2022, this peer-reviewed publication offers readers insights and solutions to various challenges when leading conflict, whether on the world stage, in the classroom, or in the personal space. Our hope is for you to find answers regarding these unique challenges managers and leaders face in finding effective strategies to manage and lead conflict. Within these pages, scholars offer insights regarding new and emerging trends within leading global conflict to include topics such as managing change in the digital age, leading conflict in multicultural environments, conflicts in management, leading conflict within cybersecurity, tools to minimize global conflict, authenticity at work while managing global conflict with supervisors, sexual orientation and gender identity, effective mitigation of team leadership, changing how organizational leaders approach diversity, equity and inclusion challenges, and mitigation and conflict with higher education.

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A concise review of worthy research, articulated in a well-documented scholarly format. In light of the Wanna.Cry ransomware that hit as I write this review, the material of which she writes is very apropos, especially her recommendation that "organizations need to enforce policies that tighten the security of the individual as well as the company."

H. William Gordon

Great new addition to the refractive thinker legacy. Healthcare is critical to our mental, physical and fiscal well being! We need to change the way think about how we approach, and deliver health, wellness, and nutrition. Thanks for another great edition.

Elmer B Hall

Really enjoyed reading this book so many ideas to help me in my leadership role. Really good read!