The Refractive Thinker®: Volume 1:  An Anthology of Doctoral Writers

This anthology celebrates the accomplishments of the doctoral scholars contained within these pages: to include topics such as normative leadership (Dr. Tom Woodruff), value stream mapping (Dr. Judy Blando), workplace bullying (Dr. Cynthia Roundy), strategic planning (Dr. Elmer Hall), student financial aid (Dr. Armando Amaro-Salas Jr.), globalization of business (Dr. Ed Knab), organizational culture (Dr. Lisa Kangas), corporate compensation (Dr. Lucy Newman), small private higher education (Dr. Laura Grandgenett), and the concept of failure as an educational tool (Dr. Cheryl Lentz). The intent is to provide a forum for them to share their thoughts and expertise as they contribute to our expanse of knowledge in pursuit of the tenets and philosophies of higher learning. The title of this book was chosen intentionally to highlight the ability of these doctoral scholars to bend thought, to converge its very essence on the ability to obliquely pass through the perspective of another. The goal is to ask and ponder the right questions, to dare to think differently, to find new applications within unique and cutting edge dimensions, ultimately to lead where others may follow or to risk forging perhaps a new path entirely. Join us as we venture forward into this world of questioning what we see around us. We hope you enjoy the journey. The Refractive Thinker: where discriminating scholars publish.

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