The goal of our company is to serve the needs of the doctoral scholar as their  premier publishing solution.

The Refractive Thinker® Press offers a unique business model for the doctoral scholar to:

  • Publish with other scholars in an anthology format to share the expense and share the promotion,
  • Own their copyright,
  • Get their research out of the hallowed halls of academia and into the hands of business owners who can benefit and apply the wisdom of their research findings, and
  • Leverage publishing as a way to create and further their personal brand and reputation as a scholar as (a) faculty, (b) entrepreneur, (c) consultant, and (d) business owner.

In addition to publishing, we offer a 5-week coaching program  (What’s Next?) with Dr. Cheryl to unlock the mysteries of the publishing world to personalize what publishing can do specific to your unique situation.

Schedule your time with Dr. Cheryl.  The first session is a complimentary 30 minute session.  Please book your time in one of two ways:

(a) Calendy  

(b) Send an email [email protected]

We look forward working with you. Come join a #1 International Best Selling and multiple award winning team.


The Refractive Thinker® Press 

Pricing Packages

What's Next?
This 5-week program is a one-on-one program with Dr. Cheryl Lentz to discover and create a strategic plan to leverage publishing to position your personal brand powerfully in the marketplace.


Package Price:

$499.00 USD

For the 2023, we offer a $202.3 discount for the first quarter to jump start your new year.


2023 $pecial:

$296.70 USD

Individual Publishing
Please review our award winning imprint for those who wish to publish on their own.


Packages begin at $1500.00 for digital eBooks.


Services include eBooks, Print books, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket suitable for book signings.


As one size does not fit all, please calendar a free 30 minute session to discover how to leverage the benefits of publishing for your personal brand in the marketplace.

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Coaching - Specific Skill Sets
Are you looking to improve a specific skill set such as your doctoral writing, APA V7 understanding, learn to edit your writing?

Would you like to improve your faculty teaching acumen for the adult learner?

Our individual coaching packages begin with 5, 10, and 15 hour coaching packages beginning at $499.00.


Package prices starting at . . .
$499 USD


*Ask about our 2023 specials!!

Coming Soon: Mentoring - Mindset