Dr. David M. Mula


Dr. David M. Mula resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Mula holds several accredited degrees; a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business from Upper Iowa University; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Upper Iowa University; and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Walden University.

Dr. David is a Faculty Member at University of Phoenix and Upper Iowa University, approved to teach business, management, organizational behavior, ethics, and leadership at the undergraduate and graduate level.  He is a member of Psi Chi, Phi Beta Lambda, and the Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States.

Dr. David is a Master Sergeant in the Louisiana Army National Guard, trained as an intelligence analyst, and has served since 1995.  He is currently the Operations NCO for the 139th Regional Support Group. Dr. David also serves as the co-chair of the Army Communities of Excellence Committee, responsible for annually assessing the business practices of the Louisiana Army National Guard using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  His doctoral study, Examining Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership within U.S. Army National Guard Leaders, provided him the opportunity to gain professional and academic expertise to recommend improvements in the training of military personnel.

To reach Dr. David M. Mula for information on consulting or doctoral coaching, please e-mail: david.mula@me.com