Dr. Eric L. Patterson


Dr. Eric L. Patterson lives in Topeka, Kansas. Dr. Eric holds multiple degrees; a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Baker University; a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Friends University; and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) with an emphasis on Leadership from Walden University.

Dr. Eric is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Rasmussen College approved to teach business management courses and has worked as a manager in the automotive finance, insurance, and call-center industries for 14 years. He also serves on two

corporate boards; Treasurer of Child Care Aware of Eastern

Kansas, Inc. and board member of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Topeka, KS. His doctoral study, An Exploratory Study on Call-Center Turnover in Northeastern Kansas, provided him the opportunity to gain professional and academic expertise to recommend improvements in the retention of call-center employees.

To reach Dr. Eric L. Patterson for information of consulting or doctoral coaching, please email: epericsr@gmail.com