Dr. Sharon Pugh


Dr. Sharon Pugh is a certified family life educator and counselor who has worked in the social science, education, and non-profit sector for over 10 years. She specializes in working with children with disabilities and families in crisis including domestic violence and sexual assault. By working in this arena, Dr. Sharon has developed skills in advocacy, negotiation, management, and conflict resolution. She has worked as an adjunct professor for local universities in Texas teaching courses in family science, special education, and social studies. Dr. Sharon is an alumnus of Florida A&M University. Her educational background includes a doctorate degree in Family Science from Texas Woman’s University.

Dr. Sharon is involved in community service projects by working with local and international organizations including Denton County Friends of the Family, Homeless Coalition, Texas Council on Family Violence, National Council on Family Relations, Dallas Life, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Samaritan Inn, and Sowing Seeds of Joy.

To reach Dr. Sharon Pugh for training, life coaching, or counseling services, please contact her at 214-945-3983 or sharonpugh@gmail.com