Dr. Loise Gichuhi


Dr. Loise Gichuhi holds PhD and M.Ed degrees in Economics of Education. Dr. Loise is a university lecturer at the School of Education at the University of Nairobi. She serves as an Education in Emergencies Program Coordinator, a Strategic advisor in National and International Projects, currently she is a Strategic Advisor to the Global EdTech Hub 2019-2027, currently an ad hoc university committee on Co***19 Pandemic member. Dr. Loise’s writing work is in Economics of Education and Education in Emergencies. She has mentored students’ thorough graduate programs. She is a researcher and a consultant in education and a founder of Education Bridge Africa.

To reach Dr. Loise Gichuhi for additional information on education consulting and research and policy advisory please e-mail: loise.wambui@uonbi.ac.ke or lopawer2@gmail.com