Dr. Jane Dennehy


Having completed her undergraduate degree, A Bachelors of Arts Science (BA) in New Zealand, Dr. Jane traveled and settled in the United Kingdom.  For 10 years, she worked in newspapers and digital media specializing in marketing and communications.  Ready for her postgraduate work, Dr. Jane completed her Masters of Science (MS) in Gender Studies at Bristol University and returned to media marketing.

However, dissatisfied with not having found answers to questions around gender, management, and equality, Dr. Jane enrolled for a PhD at the Gender Institute of the London School of Economics.  Here she conducted her doctoral research into how and in what ways competition is gendered for managers.

Dr. Jane is now using her expanded knowledge to work with organizations on developing strategies to gain competitive advantage from equality, compliance, and talent retention using marketing and communications.

To reach Dr. Jane for information on any of these topics, please email: dennehy65@googlemail.com