Dr. Claudia Santin


Dr. Claudia Santin is an educational consultant, who has worked in higher education for over thirty years.  Dr. “C” holds an EdD in Higher Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and a MA and BA from College of NJ.  She has her Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from Nova Southeastern University.  As an early adopter of online education, Dr. C has been teaching in the online format for over 15 years. In addition to taking numerous training and for credit courses in the use of media in online learning, she also has achieved a Certification in Online Instruction.

Dr. “C” currently serves as a professor of leadership, a dissertation chair, a senior researcher, a lead faculty, subject matter expert, and doctoral writing mentor. She has served as a university president, provost, vice-president of academic affairs, a dean of leadership studies and a dean of education.  Within the last three years, Dr. C has published two books and numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.  She also serves as Vice-President and Executive Director of The eLearning Institute.  Dr. “C” lives in Arizona, is the proud mother of a son, who has a PhD in Business and her daughter, an attorney, as well as two granddaughters and three Chihuahuas.

Dr. Santin can be contacted at dr_santin@yahoo.com