Dr. Ada E. Crosby


Dr. Ada E. Crosby resides in Apopka, FL, affectionately called Dr. Crosby by her sons especially when they want a favor or drop by to shop at home and Dr. Ada by her clients. After serving 25 years as a Forensic Mental Health Specialist for FL Dept of Corrections, Dr. Ada enjoys her freedom as a motivational relationship speaker, and volunteers in prison ministry where she once worked and volunteers at church retreats. She considers herself a social justice advocate and supporter of issues including domestic violence as she is an avowed ‘out of the closet survivor,’ as well as humanitarian and civil rights advocate. She volunteers and enjoys facilitating group discussions in various venues on the PBS documentary, Race: The Power of an Illusion.

As a lifetime learner and single parent with a special needs child, she entered the University of Phoenix while working full time as a non-traditional student and later earned a doctorate in Health Administration. She actively mentors young women in person and occasionally as a guest speaker taking questions on a spiritual radio talk show. She enjoys studying nutritional health as a way of healing the mind, body and spirit and enjoys organic vegetable and flower gardening.

She is long time support and member of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Sierra Club. To reach Dr. Ada Crosby for information and potential guest speaking, please email her: ada_crosby@yahoo.com or crosbyada@gmail.com