Dr. Bethany Mickahail resides in California. Dr. Bethany holds a Bachelor of Arts, in Linguistics & TESL from the University of Hawaii at Manoa: a Masters of International Affairs and Communications from the School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University, NYC; and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership & Public Policy from the University of Denver.

Over the last three decades, Dr. Bethany has provided learning opportunities to children and adults as an ESL teacher, staff developer-trainer, district wide program coordinator, college educator and United Nations researcher. Dr. Bethany’s research efforts focus on issues related to innovative community based disability program policy, micro business development, training and systems change in California. Most recently, as a School of Advanced Studies educator and dissertation advisor, she is a Fellow with the Center for Workplace Diversity Research at the University of Phoenix. At the Center, she is pursuing international research on Innovation and Design Thinking. Her other research projects include Pioneering Innovation, Design Driven Innovation, Collaborative Innovative Leadership and Emerging Social Media Technologies.

An award winning author and presenter, Dr. Bethany frequently speaks to groups about disability, change, policy development and implementation. She served as a member of a California Blue Ribbon state legislative subcommittee. Her research on Capturing the Essence of Change, inspires parents, educators, researchers and policy-making groups to be relentless in their advocacy efforts to improve society. As global traveler, societal praxis poet-pioneer, and cultural connoisseur, Dr. Bethany enjoys singing, exploring art, water sports and nature with her wonderful husband and two children.

To reach Dr. Bethany for dissertation editing, consulting or public speaking please write her at or her website