Dr. Rajanique Modeste


Dr. Rajanique Modeste is an Industrial and Organizational
Psychologist. Dr. Rajanique’s experience with
organizational development and Human Capital
Management spans over 15 years primarily within the
government contracting industry. Her expertise leverages
practical and evidence-based approaches by
applying concepts and models from a humanistic and
positive psychology perspective. Her philosophy is
rooted in understanding and developing individuals
at every level of the organization and transforming organizations from a holistic
view. She applies a people-centered approach when assessing organizational
needs, which has helped organization leaders be people-centered,
cultural inclusive and effective with this approach. Dr. Rajanique’s consulting
firm, Vestigia Organizational Strategies, provides leadership development,
strategic planning for optimal organizational growth, anti-racism, anti-oppression
and (DEI) training work to profit and non-profit businesses to promote
a positive, inclusive organizational culture.

Dr. Rajanique holds a doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational
Psychology from Capella University. She serves in organizations such as the
Black Government Contracting Club (BGCC) as part of the leadership team,
Blacks in IO where she is the Diversity Task Force Chair. She has co-authored
a White Paper published in the SIOP journal. Dr. Rajanique is an adjunct professor
at University of Maryland, College Park and Carolina University where
she teaches I-O Psychology, Performance Management, and Organizational
Change to Graduate level students.

To reach Dr. Rajanique Modeste, please e-mail: rmodeste@vestigia-os.