The Refractive Thinker®: Vol I An Anthology of Higher Learning

The Refractive Thinker®: Vol I An Anthology of Higher Learning

186 pages; 2009

Welcome to The Refractive Thinker®: An Anthology of Higher Learning. Thank you for joining us on our maiden voyage to celebrate the accomplishments of these contributing doctoral scholars: Dr. Tom Woodruff, Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando, Dr. Cynthia Ann Roundy, Dr. Elmer B. Hall, Dr. Armando Salas-Amaro Jr., Dr. Edward F. Knab, Dr. Lisa M. Kangas, Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman, Dr. Laura Grandgenett, and Dr. Cheryl A. Lentz

The title of this book, The Refractive Thinker® was chosen intentionally to highlight the ability of these doctoral scholars to bend thought, to converge its very essence on the ability to obliquely pass through the perspective of another. The goal is to ask and ponder the right questions; to dare to think differently, to find new applications within unique and cutting-edge dimensions, ultimately to lead where others may follow or to risk forging perhaps a new path all entirely.

Leaders ultimately change the world simply by questioning the very process of thought and life itself. They are insatiably curious, never satisfied or content with what is, always looking to the horizon and asking the fundamental question of why— with the goal to perhaps arrive at a better place than where they began—forever changed by the very act of asking questions. They dare to question themselves and ask why not? And what can they do to be an agent of change? The Refractive Thinker® offers this discourse, a place where these authors offer a chapter of their work, so the audience can sample a mere bite of the apple with the hope of being given a broader canvas from which to paint further.

Please contact me for further information regarding these authors and the works contained within these pages. Perhaps your organization may be looking for their expertise to incorporate as part of your annual corporate meetings as a key note or guest speaker(s), perhaps to offer individual or group seminars, or require their expertise as consultants.

We look forward to your interest in discussing future opportunities. Let this be our beginning to which The Refractive Thinker® will serve as our guide to this and future editions.

10 chapters (click for chapter list and summaries)

Chapter 1: Normative Leadership Types and Organizational Performance: A Case for Authoritative Performance [Link to Summary? Another Blog Post Nick? I posted below here—but this is a separate page on old site]
Author(s): Dr. Thomas M. Woodruff [Link to Author Page? Another Blog Post?] [Link to old site page info:]

Do more authoritative leaders produce better organizational performance? Harvey (2002) suggested that the fundamental goals of capitalism may be inconsistent with the value component of normative leadership theories. Citing historical proponents of capitalism such as Adam Smith and Milton Friedman, Harvey described the leadership component of organizations under this economic perspective as egoistic.

Chapter 2: The Value of Value Stream Mapping Presentations and Workshops: How any organization can save time and money – Increasing profit!!! [Link to Chapter Summary
Author(s): Dr. Judy Fisher-Blando

Chapter 3: The Impact of Leadership on Workplace Bullying
Author(s): Dr. Cynthia Ann Roundy

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning in Times of Extreme Uncertainty
Author(s): Dr. Elmer B. Hall

Chapter 5: The Historical Development and Transformational Process of Student Financial Aid
Author(s): Dr. Armando Salas-Amaro, Jr.

Chapter 6: Globalizing Your Business: A Practical Approach to International Expansion
Author(s): Dr. Edward F. Knab

Chapter 7: An Assessment of the Relationship Between Organizational Culture Types and Knowledge Management Initiatives
Author(s): Dr. Lisa M. Kangas

Chapter 8: The CEO’s Triple Dilemma of Compensation, Employee, and Corporate Performance Management
Author(s): Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman

Chapter 9: A Quantitative Analysis of Strategic and Financial Changes in Small Private Higher Education Institutions
Author(s): Dr. Laura D. Grandgenett

Chapter 10: Fail Faster, Succeed Sooner
Author(s): Dr. Cheryl A. Lentz


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