The Refractive Thinker®: Vol XV: Nonprofit Edition is now available on Amazon!

Refractive Thinker®: Vol XV: Nonprofits Edition is now available on Amazon!  Come join us and the doctoral scholars as they provide their latest findings in an easy to understand format . . . helping us use their powerful findings and information in our everyday life.

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  • Dr. Natalie Casale explores the different social media applications to build a successful social media strategy.
  • Dr. Julee H. Hafner explored how unlearning can facilitate innovation and organizational success.
  • Frank Musmar determined that financial stability and organizational performance in nonprofit organizations are dependent on effective leadership and continuous learning.
  • Dr. Avideh Sadaghiani-Tabrizi & Dr. Teresa Lao discussed measures to address the threats to cybersecurity vulnerabilities of nonprofit organizations.
  • Dr. Barbara J. Yancy-Tooks explored Black women’s perceptions of selection practices that hindered or facilitated advancement.
  • Denise La Salle & Dr. Alexandro Beato provided insight on effective strategies nonprofit higher education leaders use to reduce employee turnover.
  • Evelyn Hollis discussed mentoring, coaching, and self-awareness as developmental initiatives for success.
  • Dr. Toscha L. Dickerson explored strategies of prison reform and uncovered methods to help women succeed.
  • Sam Hayes queried U.S. leaders’ experiences to assist nonprofit leaders with expanding their influence through global networks.
  • Dr. Julie Ducharme, Dr. Karen Walker, & Dr. Cheryl Lentz explored nonprofit transition strategies, particularly for the U.S. military veteran.

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