Vol XVIII: Ch. 1: New and Emerging Trends in Project Management
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVIII: Project Management: Strategies to Enhance Workflow and Productivity


The 21st Century is an exciting time for organizations as new and emerging project management trends and tools can positively impact project delivery. The focus of this chapter is how organizations and companies continue to change and adapt with the emergence of new technologies, procedures, and processes that aid project managers (PMs) in the delivery of projects with challenges that exist for PMs in using new and emerging tools and trends. Faster project delivery, with less delays and higher quality, while maintaining budget and organizational engagement is important in industry.
Project management contributes to the success of an organization, but project failures gain the most attention (Allen, Alleyne, Farmer, McRae, & Turner, 2014). Humans program artificial intelligence (AI) in computers by applying algorithms (Polli, 2019). Project management software is becoming complex, allowing PMs to rely on computer results instead of the meticulous pen and paper calculations. Once programmed, computers ensure accurate and current data. Advanced AI increases revenue, improves productivity, and saves time; however, employees are concerned that the use of AI involves reduction or elimination of their positions in organizations.
Communication between project management team members is more important than documentation (Gablas, Ruzicky, & Ondrouchova, 2018). The waterfall approach to project management requires communication and the interaction space needs to be supportive (Yunus & Ernawati, 2018). By using emerging technology and automation, teams obtain real time status updates, global engagement, and collaboration, while minimizing project delays and issues. These improvements allow PMs sufficient time to engage in strategic planning and engage with their stakeholders. This paper takes a refractive thinking approach to a review of literature crucial to understanding new and emerging trends and tools in project management and how they aid PMs in delivery of projects faster, on budget, and with a high level of team engagement and quality.