Vol XVIII: Ch. 9: Project Management: The Stark Choice—Projectize or Stagnate
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVIII: Project Management: Strategies to Enhance Workflow and Productivity


Project management, as widely practiced across the globe, has its uniqueness in different countries, including Nigeria. Business growth continues to be suboptimal across Nigeria because many kinds of projects fail due to (a) inadequate project delivery skills combined with a lack of adherence to standards, (b) increasing migration of skilled labor and experienced project delivery personnel to the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, and (c) inadequate response on the part of government and businesses to respond to skills shortage (now and in the future) by introducing mitigations to combat skill migration practically. In this study, I am applying the refractive thinking approach to explore the possible impact of using project-based working to support business growth in emerging markets in Africa for business sustainability and growth.
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