Vol XVIII: Ch. 7 : Enhancing Group Dynamics and Project Success Through Situational Leadership Lens
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVIII: Project Management: Strategies to Enhance Workflow and Productivity


When professional sports teams experience a mediocre season, the logical outcome is a change in leadership. A new coach will help move the teams back on the winning track, often by returning to the basics, which is the foundational formula for professional winning. Returning to the basics requires unlearning and forgoing all antiquated styles or tactics, so that proper leadership techniques, and methods, can flourish. The winning principle becomes compelling for the team players as well as the coaching staff. The same is no less accurate for project management teams. Focusing on the core leadership models that motivate and inclusively engage teams are pivotal to successful group dynamics and project realization, a 21st-century business priority. Through refractive thinking, the information in this chapter underscores foundational insights into the project management landscape through a flexible lens and situationally appropriate premise of leadership. Subsequent information emphasizes how project success begins with highly skilled leaders who can strategically balance relationship and task-oriented management competencies for optimal group performance.