Vol XIV: Ch 11 Effectiveness of Web-based Animated Andragogical Agents: Facilitating Critical Thinking of Nursing Students
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIV: Health Care: The Impact on Leadership, Business, and Education.


A bumper sticker sold by Amazon read: Critical Thinking: The Other National Deficit. Critical thinking has been described as an essential skill for registered nurses. Anyone who has been a patient understands that a nurse needs to be able to stand at the bedside and determine the best course of action for the patient. Various strategies have been designed to assist with developing critical thinking skills in nursing students. Unfolding case studies have provided one approach. Animated andragogical agents or virtual characters provide a possible tool for facilitating critical thinking by asking questions to engage the student further in the process of thinking about a case study. The animated andragogical agent are able to speak to the students as an instructor would when asking students questions about their patients in the clinical setting. This mixed method experimental between the groups study addresses the effectiveness of an animated web-based andragogical agent in facilitating critical thinking in students in their final semester of an associate degree nursing program.
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