Vol XIV: Ch 12 Reducing Early Readmissions One Patient at a Time with a Population Health Management Approach
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIV: Health Care: The Impact on Leadership, Business, and Education.


This research study will demonstrate if the degree of glucose control upon admission, the interaction of a specialized diabetes clinicians during admission, and initiating insulin as a new medication upon discharge had an impact on diabetes patients being readmitted within 30 days of previous discharge from an acute care facility. The Chronic Care Model was the conceptual framework used by the researcher since the disease state of diabetes is a chronic condition that requires ongoing assessment and medication adjustment. The population of this study was all diabetes patients, aged 18 or older, and admitted during a 12-month period. The sample size was 16,539 patients. This quantitative, correlational study used chi-square test of independence to analyze the data. While the results of the second research question were not statistically significant, there were significant findings regarding the relationships between both hyperglycemia upon admission and initiation of insulin as a new medication upon discharge from the initial admission. Although some of the results from this study were statistically significant, they may not be clinically significant and warrant future research. The findings of this study may assist health care leaders to better associate certain factors with diabetes patients who may be at highest risk for early readmission.