RT Vol X: Ch. 9: Subjective Well-being: Exploring Heart-Centered Meditation and Gratitude to Increase Happiness along the Continuum of Life
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol X: Effective Business Strategies For the Defense Industry Sector


Many sectors invest in resources with preventative approaches to wellness. Population health institutes, the health care sector, psychologists, educators, and a growing sector of the military seek to keep individuals physically well, and also emotionally and psychologically well. Researchers proved that maintaining positive states of well-being prevents future dis-ease. Many approaches to achieving well-being exist in the literature. This chapter includes an exploration of the subjective well-being construct, or happiness, and how to increase well-being, and well-being in the military context. The author proposed a novel, thinking approach, within both the contemplative sciences paradigm and the positive psychology paradigm, that can be applied along the life continuum, from adolescents to adulthood.
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