RT XIX: Chap 8 Rethinking Social Media and Content Delivery in Higher Education Institutions
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIX: Social Media: Changing the World Through Communication


Use of social media for learning purposes presents a huge but an untapped resource in many higher education institutions. The 2020 pandemic crisis has affected higher education operations and especially those that depended largely on face-to-face mode of content delivery. Many higher education institutions are counting losses in terms of time and negative impact on content delivery. Globally, the number of children, youth not attending schools and colleges was more than 1.5 billion by March, 2020. A number of learners, especially those who have smartphones are busy online using social media platforms to interact with friends. Suppose the universities and other colleges try to diversify creatively and get the students on those platforms? As the population of the youth in Africa continues to grow, higher education must always keep abreast in relevance and demonstrate creativity. It would be prudent for educators to migrate from conventional teaching platforms to where students spend most of their time. Higher education just like other learning institutions faced unpreparedness due to the unpredictable 2020 pandemic. In an attempt to contain the global pandemic, many school systems and universities are hurriedly preparing materials for online and remote teaching and learning in an effort to adopt new technologies to reach learners at their homes. The role that social media can play in content delivery in higher education in Africa is a discussion that is long overdue and far from over.