RT XIX: Chap 7 Small Business Marketing Strategies to Gain Advantage through Social Media
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIX: Social Media: Changing the World Through Communication


Social media marketing used on platforms such as on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Instagram is rapidly replacing traditional marketing like newspapers, brochures, and cold calling (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2016). Its low budget cost and its effectiveness in reaching potential customers in less time than original marketing tools has created a shift from traditional marketing to social media marketing (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2016). Social media provides opportunities way exceeds a company expectation and the ability to reach a larger audience due to its massive user base (Griffin & Herres, 2002). Small business owners can use social marketing to connect with their customers, create brand recognition, and target new and existing customers (Proserpio & Zervas, 2017). In this chapter of the Refractive Thinker®, I present an outline of business strategies for small businesses to gain an advantage through social media marketing.
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