RT XIX: Chap 1: Strategies to Reduce Social Media Addiction
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XIX: Social Media: Changing the World Through Communication


Social media professionals can implement and market successful strategies to promote to individuals who are addicted to social media. These strategies could provide immediate help to those individuals who cannot live without being on social media formats such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If these strategies are promoted on viable marketing avenues it could be very beneficial to the local community. The social media professionals could also use the strategies to educate individuals who are addicted to being on social media to learn how to lessen the usage and dependability. The recommendations to reduce social media addiction includes organizational leaders, scholars, and social media stakeholders who could use the findings and recommendations of this study to further research for other successful strategies. Social media professionals can use a refractive thinking approach to implement effective strategies for reducing social media addiction.
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