RT Vol XII: Chapter 1: Cybersecurity in Human Resources on Multiple Fronts
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


Human Resources (HR), as a strategic business component, confronts security on multiple fronts. The concept of security in HR on multiple fronts is unconventional. Using a refractive thinking approach, this includes securing data and applications using cloud technologies, hiring, learning and development, and partnering with information technology(IT) groups to ensure information security of data and applications. Organizations confront a talent shortage in their cybersecurity workforce with HR professionals who may not fully understand the complexity and breadth of information security. Additionally, employees and contractors are likely the most valuable asset and biggest threat to an organization’s line of data defense.
Cyber-attacks increase on a daily basis requiring organizational leaders to prepare people, systems, and processes to cross-functionally handle security. Otherwise, organizations can suffer high cost losses of revenue, talent, data, property, and more. This chapter examines the role of data security in implementing cloud technology for HR, talent acquisition, and security awareness training and development. With senior executive support, HR and IT can partner to provide a solid line of defense for information security.
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