RT Vol XXI: Ch 6: Regaining Vivostasis After Crisis
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. XXI: Work Life Balance: Effective Strategies to Enhance Personal and Professional Success


Ch 6: Crises devastate the American workforce, including entrepreneurs, through burnout, physical illness, and mental health problems. Implementing processes that support a return to vivostasis can reduce the burden of the crisis while also limiting the negative influences on health. Even short-term crises requiring small business owners’ time can cause a series of problems at work and home to compound out of control if vivostasis is not returned. The burden of crisis can be best mitigated to reduce mental and physical health damages by establishing processes that facilitate a return to vivostasis. Setting processes before a crisis allows those processes to be crafted in a critical, reflective manner and allows a better outcome by reducing the possibility that decisions will be made with a clouded or distracted mind.
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