RT Vol XX Chap 8 Left and Right of the Boom: Crisis Management Preparedness Against Terrorists’ Use of Explosives
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker: Vol XX: Crisis Management: Effective Business Solutions for Emergency Situations


Crisis management is a fluid and ever-changing environment, which requires adept leaders who can see the strategic picture and beyond. Crisis managers who are transformational leaders and imbued with a high level of emotional intelligence possess the ability to adequately adapt to an emergency. While managers are skilled in navigating the multifaceted field known as crisis management, most limit their planning and preparation to natural disasters with limited consideration of man-made disasters such as terrorism and specifically, the terrorists’ use of explosives. The refractive thinker goes beyond the status quo and plans and prepares for these low probability/high consequence attacks by seeking the guidance of experts in the field of explosives and bombing matters; the public safety bomb technician. Wise crisis managers seek the knowledge of the public safety bomb technician in the planning, preparation, and response to acts of terrorism. Few managers put forth the effort to include subject matter experts (SMEs) into their exercise, event planning, and response posture, to find new and innovative solutions to minimize injuries, loss of life, and property damage.