Vol XVIII: Ch. 8: Help Wanted: Strategies for Hiring Your Perfect Project Manager
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVIII: Project Management: Strategies to Enhance Workflow and Productivity


A project manager should be assigned to a project immediately, preferably during the creation of the project charter. The hiring manager and business leader must first understand what role the project manager will fulfill: project manager, project expeditor, or project coordinator to determine the required skill set needed to list in the job posting. Next, the length of the position needs to be determined: permanent or temporary. If temporary, the hiring manager should consider the time necessary to complete the project and if the new hire would be a temporary employee or consultant. Determining project success will help the hiring manager identify skills required; keeping in mind age is not a factor. Many company leaders and employees use terminology that pertains to unique business strategies and processes. The hiring manager will need to translate these unique terms to standard terminology used in project management, preferably the PMBOK Guide by the PMI. Listing a required skil lset using PMBOK Guide terminology could help eliminate people applying for the position that does not meet these qualifications. The hiring manager should also consider what knowledge areas are needed to complete a project. Communication and interpersonal skills were proven more important than certification. A person can seek a PMP, CAPM, IPMA, or PRICE2 certification for personal and professional accomplishments. Candidates could demonstrate their actions of running a project in a simulation. Although AI is becoming accessible for identifying candidates that meet the required skills, the hiring manager must ensure the AI algorithms are accurate and will not create unethical decisions. Hiring managers and business leaders should consider the refractive thinking approach to develop strategies to ensure hiring the perfect project manager.

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