RT Vol XVII Ch 7: Global Leadership and Cross-Cultural Competencies: Leading Beyond Awareness
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVII: Managing a Cultural Workforce: The Impact of Global Employees


The ever-changing implications of globalization, open-market trade, and communicative technologies propelled opportunities for people from various cultural backgrounds to work in social, global, and organizational dispersed settings to achieve a common goal. To maintain a competitive edge in the 21st-century boundaryless society, organizations need culturally competent leaders who can integrate and adapt appropriately to meet the needs of all stakeholders worldwide. Hence, global leadership continues to be of great interest to researchers and organizational development (OD) practitioners seeking to determine the key competencies leaders need to thrive globally, as well as strategies for organizations to increase cross-cultural competencies. Through refractive thinking, this chapter underscores the importance of cross-cultural competency to leadership and long-term organizational success in the 21st-century business world. The information presented in this chapter provides multidisciplinary insights into global leadership competencies like cultural intelligence, global mindset, emotional intelligence, as well as the fundamental cultural components, such as awareness, mindfulness, and authentic leadership construct. Subsequent information underpins the need for organizations to provide continuous professional development opportunities and global training programs (customizable intercultural and multicultural competency paradigm) to enhance leadership effectiveness and worldview. The information presented through refractive thinking can help modern organizations leverage multicultural workforce diversity for global outcomes.

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