Generations: Ch 1 Millennial Indemnity to Ensure Leaders for Tomorrow: #LaisseznotLazy
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVI: Generations: Strategies for Managing Generations in the Work Force


Risk mitigation requires an investigative or refractive thinking mindset that looks to answer the who, what, and why that pertain to a specific problem needing a solution. Generational leaders are those organizational leaders currently charged with or will shortly be responsible for managing human capital from varying ends of the generational spectrum. For these generational leaders, the growing presence of Millennials and a lack of effective leadership succession plans remains a problem. The most pertinent risks are an increase in Millennial employee mobility and incidences of voluntary turnover. As a result, some organizational leaders lack sufficient human capital to develop a pipeline of experienced Millennial employees for adequate leadership succession and sustainability if these risks are not proactively mitigated. Thus, this author aims to aid organizational leaders in this chapter to create mechanisms to help them adequately mitigate risk to ensure their operations against these risks through answering who are Millennials, what is the problem, and why leaders need formal leadership succession plans, laissez-faire leadership characteristics, and offer opportunities for self-governance or simply stated, #LaisseznotLazy.
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