RT Vol XV: CH 7
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XV: Non Profits: Strategies for Effective Management


Preparing leaders and managers to operate in environments of increasing change and uncertain conditions require an expanded set of capacity and skills. Inability to be flexible, adaptive and agility in complex operating environments leads to failure, which is a circumstance most profit and nonprofit organizations can ill afford. There is a need to develop leaders and managers who discern and acknowledge changing conditions within operational and organizational environments and are resourceful in creating innovative solutions. The competitiveness of an organization could lead directly to the education and development of its’ leaders and managers. Development involves an organizational investment from strategic leaders and managers. There are similarities and differences to preparing military and civilian leaders and managers to respond to challenges in one’s environments. Development of either require adjusting initiatives to address specific areas of need understanding senior noncommissioned officers’ experiences and perspective of the development environment as well as other variables provide context to shaping and enhancing skills of flexibility, adaptability and agility. By employing the perspectives shared in Refractive Thinker, leaders and managers might gain new insights to understanding not only the environment but also how initiatives such as mentoring, coaching and self-awareness enhance and build upon leader and manager skills.
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