RT Vol XV: CH 2: What Nonprofit Organizations Need to Unlearn
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XV: Non Profits: Strategies for Effective Management


Change is a part of our global business environment. As knowledge grows exponentially, the ability to maintain competitive advantage becomes difficult for organizations and individuals alike. Previously, a worker may have been able to learn a set of skills that would last. However, in today’s environment, individuals must update information to correctly complete job functions when old knowledge is no longer useful.
Unlearning is the power to think differently, and behave differently in light of these changing circumstances. It is doing things differently, no matter what type of organization. When you want to remain competitive, the key challenge is to be able to modify current knowledge, and update it with improved skills. When you think about ways to remove unwanted and faulty knowledge from the past, you are on your way to unlearning.

FPOs and NPOs, can never remain the same in these times of change. Otherwise, they will not survive. Upon realization of a knowledge gap, the time to adapt, is now. Support of NPO associates producing the change will help organizations alter their trajectory. Understanding unlearning can assist in changing the current base of knowledge and can maximize efficient associate skills and update NPOs processes.