RT Vol XV: CH 10 Nonprofit transition strategies: Combat Boots to Heels program
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XV: Non Profits: Strategies for Effective Management


We use an innovative approach through the nonprofit vocational college and the F-SET Inventory to make Combat Boots to Heels a success story for the individual female veteran.
This emerging model of higher education that includes shareholders who expect the college to make money to ensure they make money may be a challenge regarding the effectiveness of institutions of higher learning. These challenges of serving the needs of the student, particularly the U.S. military veteran call into question the mindset of higher education, particularly the for-profits. The refractive thinking approach to this chapter offered analysis of the needs of serving nontraditional students, particularly asking the question regarding the boundary of academia and commerce. The question pursued in this chapter was whether these emerging business models serve the needs of nontraditional students in particular and U.S. Veterans specifically.