RT Vol XIII Ch. 9: Entrepreneur! Really?
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol XIII: Entrepreneurship: Growing the Future of Business


Entrepreneur! Really? Many components exist regarding being an entrepreneur, making it impossible to provide a short definition. Certainly, an entrepreneur must have a vision, be willing to take risks, and work long hours. As the above examples demonstrate refractive thinking, it is not necessary for an entrepreneur to be in a traditional business setting or to start a company. An emerging trend is for young people with business degrees or in business in any form, to identify themselves as entrepreneurs. Most should, at best, consider themselves aspiring entrepreneurs. Regardless of one’s educational background or qualitative understanding of what makes an entrepreneur, until one successfully transforms an innovative idea into a successful business, invests one’s entire being into making a dream a reality with blood, sweat, and tears to achieve profitability, one remains at best only an observer. Henderson Brower and Steward (2015) appropriately asked the question whether a role exists for classically trained professors in business schools of the future, suggesting that perhaps business faculty may simply need to go back to work. The next time someone states they are an entrepreneur perhaps the question to ask is: Really?
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