RT Vol XIII Ch 5: Conquering the Myths of the Easy E-Entrepreneur
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol XIII: Entrepreneurship: Growing the Future of Business


There are several myths why people select an e-business as oppose to a brick and mortar business: (a) creating a website is inexpensive, (b) attracting customers on social media is easy, (c) possessing a solid technical background simplifies the creating and maintaining of the e-business, (d) majority e-entrepreneurs are stay at home moms, and (e) Millennials think e-business solely. This chapter analyzed each myth to determine if what is assumed true is a misconception or fact. Understanding what myth is verifiable can be used as a strategy or skill needed to become a successful e-entrepreneur. Myths determined to be true included: starting an e-business can be an inexpensive option, technical knowledge is not a necessity, and Millennials are born to be e-entrepreneurs. New technologies, such as social media applications, do create a free marketing tool if used wisely and regularly. A myth considered a misconception is the stay at home mom could become a successful entrepreneur. The issues are women continue to struggle with inequality of pay and confidence. Making good business decisions and strategies based on what is true will create a better chance of e-business success and contribution to economic growth.
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