RT Vol XII: Chapter 5: Challenges of Setting Policy to Reduce Cyber Attacks in the Information Technology Industry
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


The increase in web services has enabled most companies the opportunity to communicate on the Internet. Although some research shows companies have identified policies and procedures to protect users’ privacy when individuals access the web, little research exists to describe how companies are enforcing policies, rules, and procedures that would eradicate the existence of cyber hackers. This qualitative descriptive study explored policies in place to protect proprietary and individual information when employees work remotely. The sample consisted of four information technology leaders from one of five industries, finance, health-care, automotive, technology, and airline companies; 20 information technology leaders in total, from Fortune 500 companies within a 100-mile radius from the Dallas Metroplex. The key findings of this study confirm earlier studies that (a) information technology leaders need to be held accountable to provide adequate security on the equipment used by telecommuter, and (b) leaders who grant telecommuter privileges must ensure that they assign the privileges to the appropriate individuals.
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