RT Vol XII: Chapter 3: Hiring Outsourced Cybersecurity Professionals for DoD Contracts
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


Cyber war is an emerging threat to the United States in the new cyber frontier. Cyberspace is relatively new, and billions of users have access to the Internet. With a low barrier to entry for potential attackers, protecting critical military and civilian assets is a top priority. The Cybersecurity Commission for the state of Virginia estimated 30,000 cybersecurity related unfilled cybersecurity positions across the state. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is not immune to the problems in hiring cybersecurity professionals. The purpose of this paper is to present research about hiring cybersecurity professionals for DoD. The research explored tactics and techniques used by hiring managers in Virginia to hire cybersecurity professionals for DoD contracts. Successfully hiring cybersecurity professionals to fill contract positions is possible if the contracting organizations maintain the requirements of the contract and develop a strong recruitment process. DoD currently hires contractors to conduct parts of the cybersecurity mission, but it may serve the U.S. better if the DoD changes the focus to building a cybersecurity workforce that is tailored to the type of cybersecurity professionals they need. The current cyber workforce in the United States is weak and a new innovative hiring process may enhance the cybersecurity workforce. A different approach to cybersecurity hiring could enhance the cybersecurity capabilities of the DoD. The DoD needs to take measures, some immediate and some over time, to strengthen their ability to protect information and information systems.
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