RT Vol X: Ch 10: The Implications of Quad D on Leadership Success
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol X: Effective Business Strategies For the Defense Industry Sector


The Defense industry offers a substantial amount of opportunity and competition for small businesses that specialize in Information Technology (IT) services. Within the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) space are many who share similar challenges regarding an effective application of specific software development methodologies such as the Spiral, Waterfall, and Agile Scrum methodologies. Specific challenges focus on the implementation of these approaches in developing appropriate solutions to meet the needs of the customer, client, and industry. Identified reasons for such challenges to include a narrow understanding of business and functional requirements exists, as well as a limited understanding of existing processes and inadequate or incomplete knowledge of how to apply needed technological features and capabilities using a holistic approach, as well as refractive thinking in their applications.

Significant advantages and disadvantages to implementing these software development methodologies exist within the DoD environment. The goal of this chapter was to offer a critical and refractive thinking analysis of these methodologies as implemented with the DoD space. The goal was to identify the many similar challenges faced by small businesses and their current IT software solutions that may miss the mark, not yet providing the complete and seamless solutions, a critical piece to success and profitability within the U.S. government space.