RT Vol X: Ch 2: Influence Strategies for Reduced Department of Defense Health Care Spending
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol X: Effective Business Strategies For the Defense Industry Sector


In this chapter, the author explains the effect of employee characteristics on influence strategies used in a health care group purchasing organization (GPO) within the Department of Defense (DOD). This chapter opens with a brief introduction about influence strategies within the health care supply chain. Dr. Bruce explained the business problem regarding the spending growth on health care supplies and its effect on the national economy. Emphasis is placed on the GPO employee characteristics that affect the use of rational persuasion to convince GPO members to reduce spending on health care supplies. The information in this chapter could be helpful in promoting personal and professional development of rational persuasion across DOD health care facilities. Also, the study indicated that if leaders believe that employee characteristics influence the use of rational persuasion, they might increase their efforts to develop the use of rational persuasion among employee groups who seldom use this influence strategy. Information contained in this chapter assists DOD health care leaders to reduce the burden of health care spending on the national budget.

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