Chapter 8: Ethics in Sports: The Social Responsibility of Elite Athletes
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. VII: Social Responsibility


Since 2000, questions have been raised about the social responsibility of professional athletes in relation to their ethical actions and integrity. Overall, ethical behavior in sports has declined steadily since the early 1990s; there have been performance-enhancing scandals in the past three Olympics Games, professional football, and baseball as well as in college athletics. The intent of the study was to identify the ethical decision-making process of a highly competitive group of athletes. The study focused on the college athletes to gain the athletes’ perceptions and beliefs in relation to professional athletes’ unethical actions. The study was designed to draw attention to the impact the lack of ethics within professional athletics has on adult student athletes. The research findings provide parents, coaches, athletic directors, trainers, mentors, and athletes a better understanding of what adult student athletes consider unethical behavior. The research illustrates if collegiate athletes find the unethical actions of professional athletes negatively affect their decision-making process.
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