Chapter 7: Federal Employees and Instructors Serving the Public Trust
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. VII: Social Responsibility


Public trust and social responsibly has been a controversial topic with public education and government entities. Corporate Social Responsibly (CSR) appears to be lacking in public and governmental agencies across the United States. To regain public trust companies must integrate social responsibility in the mission of the organization. CSR is to be regarded at a high level of importance within an organization from the employee level to the Chief Executive Officer. Perceptions of government and public education employee’s points of view on public trust and social responsibility within their work place are explored. Corporations and government companies need vigorous CSR to reestablish the public trust. An overall view of CSR is how a business views the impact the company has on the economy, the society, and the environment. The population was 90 employees in the Executive Potential Program and 100 instructors in public education in the California public school system. Potential participants were located in federal offices nationwide and six California public schools.
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