Chapter 7: Assessing an Innovation: Student Outcomes from Master’s Degree Programs in Organizational Leadership
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. V: Strategy in Innovation


The successful implementation of a marketing strategy requires that an organization's performance, as well as that of the product or service, be assessed. This challenge becomes more difficult when the service consists of innovative, intangible learning experiences, such as those offered in a graduate degree program. Institutions of Higher Learning that offer master’s degree programs in organizational leadership have taken up the challenge and have achieved notable results. Data compiled in a 2008 study of master’s degree programs in organizational leadership indicated that the institutions that participated in the survey have implemented processes for assessing student outcomes from their degree programs. Those assessment processes have produced actionable knowledge, which the institutions have been able to use in making further innovations in their program offerings and learning experiences. The data also indicated that the degree programs provided graduates with actionable knowledge, enabling them to improve their leadership performance in organizational settings.
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