Motivation and Creativity’s Role in Small Business E-Entrepreneurship Innovations
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. II: Research Methodology, Second Edition


This article describes the critical role motivation and creativity play in generating entrepreneurial innovations. Although foreign innovations are increasingly reducing U.S. competitive advantages, small-business entrepreneurs and in particular E-entrepreneurs continue to generate strategic innovations despite limited resources and experience. Small-business E-entrepreneurs face an increased likelihood of business cessation because of poor planning, a lack of innovation, and growing global competition. This phenomenological study uses a critical incident technique interview approach in conjunction with semistructured, open-ended questions to explore and better understand the essence of successful innovation. A modified Van Kaam method by Moustakas and NVivo 8 qualitative analysis software are used to explore, understand and analyze data collected from 17 small-business E-entrepreneurs located in Syracuse, NY. Multiple theories and two research questions are used to help readers put data results into perspective. Seven themes emerged from the study including innovation, creativity, motivation, transformational leadership, social media, E-entrepreneurship (Internet entrepreneurship), and social networking. Recommendations from the study could help small-business Internet entrepreneurs overcome risks and increase business survival rates. These same recommendations may be an excellent starting point for rejuvenating the larger economy. Social media (the transmission network) and social networking (the act of communicating using various tools) appear to play an increasingly important role in the success of E-entrepreneurs' businesses.
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