Chapter 3: The Modified ‘Ask-the-Experts’ Delphi Technique: The Conundrum of Human Resource Experts on Management Participation
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. II: Research Methodology


The purpose of this chapter is to present the 2007 Lentz Dissertation study which was based on the application of a quantitative correlational explanatory method, using a modified Ask-the-Experts Delphi technique to determine if the traditionally held view of the strategic management process where strategic decision making had once been entrusted solely to the organization’s top management was still valid. Historically, only those in senior leadership positions within the executive office were felt to understand and employ strategic literacy in order to possess the skill, knowledge, and expertise to most effectively formulate corporate strategy and make strategic decisions. The purpose of the present study was to extend the foundational work of Wooldridge and Floyd from their 1990 study, using the modified Delphi Technique to look at the significance of additional employee involvement in the strategic decision-making process as it correlates to organizational performance.
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