Chapter 3: Corporate Social Responsibility: The Influence of Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. VII: Social Responsibility


Noble causes and actions are integral to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) that begin in corporations and communities. The concept of societal obligation evolved with the expansion of business and expectation by society that organizations should embrace social betterment. Additional drivers of corporate revenues are the concepts of social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. The way women are socialized, women have a greater sense of CSR with more emphasis on morals, ethics, and positive social relations (Bernardi, Bosco, & Columb, 2006). As more women are promoted into C-Level executive leadership positions, CSR is increasing. Considering the array and volume of corporate ethical debacles, investors, and the public at large highly favor organizations and its leaders who exhibited generosity and social consciousness. Women leaders are beneficial CSR as well as helping corporate public relations and driving revenues beyond their male peers (“Catalyst,” 2009). Organizations and boards with strong female influence are more inclined to be involved with CSR.