Chapter 2: The Delphi Epiphany: Research into Emerging Market Success Factors
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. II: Research Methodology


The Delphi Epiphany is an intriguing look at identifying the success factors associated with global emerging market success. It describes a research methodology, when applied correctly, is capable of uncovering some most amazing findings. The article demonstrates that research methodology can have a profound affect on outcomes and that Delphi techniques unique application of both qualitative and quantitative methods combine to form a powerful research tool capable of producing a significant and unique understanding of the subject matter.

The article describes the rather unique application of the Delphi research technique, as well as the process and relevance to the global emerging markets. It demonstrates the benefits of using life experience as a method of avoiding proprietary business information and discusses the process application upon which the research model was based. The article will provide the reader with sufficient insight to understand the unique research methodology and the application which made this epiphany possible.

The research identifies three emerging market strategies that combine into a powerful system that tends to move the organization toward the market rather than the traditional method of moving the market toward the organization. The top three success factors translated into much more than simple elements of success, they translate into a powerful system for emerging market success. When viewed in the context of a system, these success factors provide both insight and an epiphany for understanding emerging market success.
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