Chaper 9: Innovative Recommendations for Assisting Homeless Students
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker®: Vol. V: Strategy in Innovation


he challenges that homeless people, especially children, must deal with on a daily basis are often overlooked and no one knows the exact number of homeless students in a given school district. Homeless numbers are based upon services provided to homeless students by the school district and other service providers. Not all of the homeless students are receiving supportive services. A disconnect happens when the parents of homeless students are not aware of the services being offered by the schools to assist their children.
Several suggestions are being offered to schools districts to help them to better inform their students concerning services offered to homeless students. Since parents reported only occasionally receiving or even knowing about the services, implementing one or more of these suggestions would increase the likelihood that the parents would request these services for their children. Also, some of these suggestions will not significantly increase costs to the school districts to implement.
These services will greatly increase the homeless students’ chances of improving in school. It is important for the success of homeless students that their parents, caregivers or guardians, are provided with this information. The suggestions listed may not all work for your school; however, implementing some of these suggestions would increase awareness among homeless families.
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