Ch. 4: Native American Women in Leadership Working toward a Sustainable Future
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XI: Women in Leadership


The purpose of this case study was to discover the strategies leaders use to provide corporate social responsibility (CSR) processes in the tribal gaming industry. Tribal gaming leaders participated in a focus group and seven semi-structured interviews with to attain research data and conclude the strategies leaders use to provide CSR processes in the tribal gaming industry.

I employed purposeful sampling, a snowball strategy, and sent an e-mail invitation to prospective participants. Men and women tribal gaming leaders participated in the interviews; five men and one woman participated in a focus group session; five additional men and two women from the same gaming organization participated in interview sessions. The data was analyzed and revealed eight themes that describe the leader strategies used in the tribal gaming industry toward a sustainable future. The eight relevant themes that emerged from the triangulation of the data were business value, collaboration, communication, emotional intelligence, motivation/innovation, philanthropic opportunity, resilience, and strategic vision.

This chapter is written in dedication to two instrumental women leaders. Dr. Patricia Fusch has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me; she continues to help others achieve their scholarly goals. My late Aunt Joie was an inspirational leader; she used innovation, motivation, and communication to keep her gang in line.
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