Ch. 10: The Paradox of Color Coding Leadership: Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?
From the Book: The Refractive Thinker® Vol XI: Women in Leadership


Leadership presents a paradox as one tries to explain the evolution of its genesis. The fundamental question is to understand where the leadership story begins to attempt understanding of the application of leadership and of how leadership continues to evolve. When one examines the more than 65 different definitions of leadership, the question of gender emerges. Is there really a color to leadership? Does leadership come in pink for girls and blue for boys? Can society move toward a gender neutral yardstick in which to measure the quality of leadership? While the thought of gender used to bring forth the concept of discrete gender identities, the literature suggests that gender is more of a spectrum beyond the labels and traditional stereotypes of what the titles male and female suggest. The purpose of this discussion was to examine the paradox of the color coding of leadership as culture continues to evolve into a universal definition and application of leadership independent of demographics (gender, ethnicity, national origin, or age) and to suggest that leadership and gender in particular be disconnected from the conversation.